Elizabeth Alcalá

Boost your productivity with apollo hooks and typescript.

Generate types with apollo codegen.

Sat Jun 27 2020

What is the JAMstack?

And why you may want to use it?

Fri May 08 2020

How to use Graphql fragments.

DRY your query fields.

Fri May 01 2020

Let's talk about estimation.

A sincere guide to help you finish your tasks on time.

Wed Apr 22 2020

Start a new Electron app with React and Typescript.

Build your first desktop app today

Fri Apr 17 2020

3 Tips to write better react components.

Get rid of code smells.

Thu Apr 09 2020

Start a component library with Storybook, Tailwind, and Typescript.

Build components faster for your React project.

Thu Apr 02 2020

React Context with useReducer and Typescript.

Context API with action and reducers strongly typed.

Sun Mar 22 2020

A new React project with Typescript, Eslint, and Prettier.

Start your project from scratch.

Fri Mar 13 2020